normal day…terrible night—the beginning

We go to sleep on Friday May 8th 2010 after a very normal day. Both kids healthy and asleep. We are woken at 3am to a terrible cry coming from Ella’s room. When we get into her room she seems hysterical, shaky and sounds ‘off’. I turn on the light, Joe has her and she is shaking and crying and NOT at all able to focus or answer us. I call 911. She comes out of it a bit in a couple minutes…but she seems off. Her right hand is still convulsing. Her right arm is limp. She cannot sit up. Her eyes are fixed right. She is slurring her words. She complains she is dizzy.
Police arrive, paramedics arrive, assess and Joe and Ella are off to hospital, while I wait for mother in law to come and watch the baby.
At ER…takes a long time to see dr. Ella throws up and FINALLY falls asleep around 5am. We are seen, bloodwork, CAT scan and chat w/ neurologist who tells us everything looks fine and it is probably a one time seizure. About 3-7% of population has one unexplained seizure in their life.
We leave around 9am w/ prescription for EEG in 2-4 weeks.
The rest of the day is normal, except for a three hour nap by our almost 4 year old.
We are hopefully this was a one time incident.

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