Sleep walking increase

So during the fall 2014 (8 yrs old) Ella’s sleep walking started to increase.  Just a little bit each month but then by November we were up to 4-5 episodes each week.  These episodes were mostly around same time 1-2 hrs after falling asleep.  Almost like clockwork at 9:15pm she would wake and walk into bathroom or her brothers room or just walk around her room.  It was concerning just because you never know…will she ever seize again????  Then she started going down the stairs and started to sleep walk later int he night when we were already alseep.  That was VERY scary because I certainly did not want her wandering around in the middle of the night while my hubbie and I slept.

We decided to try essential oils to see if they might help decrease the episodes.  It has been helping so much.  We diffuse lavendar in her room every night and put an oil called ‘peace and calm’ on her feet before sleep.  We’ve been doing this for approx 2 mos and and have gone from 3-4 episodes each week to maybe 3-4 episodes IN TOTAL over the past 6-8 weeks.  Very happy.  Using Young Living oils.  Also tried a product by Bach (homepoathic) called Sleep Rescue and I think that helps her as well (

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