Happy 6th Birthday and EEG results!

Ella just had a wonderful and very very busy weekend celebrating her 6th bday.  We also were celebrating the first bday in two years off anti-seizure meds.  We also were celebrating a BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, NORMAL EEG.  The EEG was done 10 days after we finished the weaning process.  Neuro was really happy w/ results and obviously so are we!  

We go back in 3 months for another ambulatory EEG and HOPE and PRAY it is just as good as this last one.  Ella’s energy level is SO much better off the meds and she also seems a bit less emotional and easy to frustrate.  Looking at her now I realize her tiredness/fatigue was definitely a side effect of keppra.

What a wonderful birthday.  What wonderful results.  so happy!

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  1. ibrahim ERDEM
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 14:41:13

    Dear Madam
    Did Ella have any seizures after 2 years? We read your all story and prayed for Ella. My son is 12 and same Rolandic epilepsy since June 7, 2012 had 1and following night second. He is having Convulex 500 CR -valporaic acid and he looks OK to me but my wife gets him othe Prefessors 2-3 times more to get final decision.


    • brendasw
      Aug 18, 2012 @ 23:54:51

      Ella had seizure 1 in May 2010. Seizure #2 in June 2010. She had at least two very abnormal EEG’s in May/June 2010, following the seizures. She was put on 200mg of Keppra in July 2010. All her EEG’s on Keppra were normal. We had no other seizures while on meds. All her EEG’s (at least 4) were all normal on the Keppra. We JUST finished weaning off meds in July 2012 and have been seizure free so far. Her first EEG (48 hour) off Keppra was normal. We have another EEG in November 2012 and we pray every night for no seizures. Thanks for your comment and prayers.


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