Happy 6th Birthday and EEG results!

Ella just had a wonderful and very very busy weekend celebrating her 6th bday.  We also were celebrating the first bday in two years off anti-seizure meds.  We also were celebrating a BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, NORMAL EEG.  The EEG was done 10 days after we finished the weaning process.  Neuro was really happy w/ results and obviously so are we!  

We go back in 3 months for another ambulatory EEG and HOPE and PRAY it is just as good as this last one.  Ella’s energy level is SO much better off the meds and she also seems a bit less emotional and easy to frustrate.  Looking at her now I realize her tiredness/fatigue was definitely a side effect of keppra.

What a wonderful birthday.  What wonderful results.  so happy!