Autumn 2011 update

Ella is doing really well. She had another ambulatory 48hr EEG done in ealry Sept…results came back perfectly normal (Thank You Keppra!). The checked her blood levels of Keppra (for the first time) and those were on the low end. Since she is doing so well we decided to leave everything just the way it is.

Our integrative neuro wants to do some additional testing (that is VERY expensive). Testing her for things like heavy metals, carcinogens and other some other chemicals. We will probably do the heavy metal test since it is the least expensive and her lead levels have always been at a 3 or 4, which is something that has always bothered me. So we will try and get ourselves in gear to get that test done. in the meantime she is on MORE supplements and is not that happy having to take all her ‘vitamins’ 4 x per day 😦

Ella turned 5 in August and could have gone to Kindergarten. We decided to hold her back for a year and have her do another year of nursery type school. We started at a new school-Montessori- and she is loving it. The BRE and/or the Keppra makes her tired and she still naps most days, therefor it didn’t seem right to start her in a 7 hour kindergarten pgm right now. Another year of half day school was the best choice for us.

Happy Autumn. thanks for reading!