Integrative Neurologist visit 3/2011

So I FINALLY did all the specialty labs and follow up lab work w/ Ella. Joey Cooper was having such a rough time w/ his HD and Ella has been doing SUPER FABULOUS 🙂 so her stuff kind of got put on hold for a while.

Labwork was done via Genova Labs and Metametrix. She had blood work for IgE and IgG allergy testing. It came back as SEVERELY ‘sensitive’ to eggs, dairy, soy, ginger, sesame, pistachio, cashew (anyone remember our trip to ER back in 7/08 when we thought she had allergic reaction to cashew nut butter, but all tests said not allergic). So we are TRYING a allergy free diet and it is NOT fun. I feel like there are hardly any choices for her and she keeps wanting CHEESE- her fav.

Her stool tests came back OK…she needs more good bacteria so we changed her to her brother’s HIGH dose probiotic ( Also started her on Florator and prebiotic.

Her urine metabolic test was a mess. I cannot even explain it because I still don’t understand it. Basically our cells have jobs to do and her cells are tired so they are either not doing their job or doing a bad job or only completing 1/2 of their ‘assignments’. So she is being supplemented some more to try and help these cells re-energize and do their job.

Her supp’s look something like this:
breakfast…multi vit, multi mineral, probiotic, Bcomplex, B6
lunch- vit’s, min’s, mag/calc, omega w/ CoQ10
snack- prebiotic, Florastor, cal/mag
dinner- vit’s, min’s, probiotic, b complex
and then her keppra at bedtime…it is so hard to remember that I have a chart posted on fridge for both kids and all their supp’s.

We go back in May and redo the metabolic test to see if any of the supp’s are helping. The neuro spoke very briefly about maybe having to detox her and I didn’t even ask what that meant because it is too much to take in right now.

Other than that, she is doing well. She has been catching EVERY little bug since January. I don’t know if it is the Keppra (one of the side effects is lowered immunity) or if she is just having an ‘off’ winter and is catching everything. She had a 12 day stomach bug in January. A head cold/cough that lasted most of Feb. March was ‘maybe allergy sore throat and now April and another head cold. Our ped thinks her 12 day stomach bug she had back in January wiped out her gut and it needs to rebuild to get her immunity back up. So we are working really hard on gut health.

That is all! If you got this far thanks for reading!

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