stomach bug=still have BRE

So after the normal EEG in November (2010) I let myself think that maybe, maybe, MAYBE Ella was ‘cured’; that the abnormal EEG’s over the spring/summer where the result of a weird growth spurt, or vitamin/mineral deficiency or something…….and that she got past it and the normal EEG meant everything was back to ‘normal’ in her body.
I was wrong!

She came down w/ a wicked stomach bug in mid January (2011). It stuck around for 10 days or so. During that time she was vomiting for a few days and then had diarrhea for a few days so obviously her Keppra levels were off. Her ‘weird’ nighttime ‘stuff’ came back. Sparkly leg or arm, room feeling ‘far away’, weird night time or nap time wakes w/out really being awake. NO SEIZURES (thank goodness), but she definitely was back to her pre-medication nighttime state.

SO now we are even more grateful to have found a medication that is obviously working really really well for her (as long as she doesn’t have a stomach bug!!!). I hope and pray everyday that it continues to work for us w/out any side effects. I also pray we can stay at the level we are at and not have to increase her dosage.

She is still having some night time ‘stuff’ but less frequent and I am hopeful that in another few days we will all be back to normal. She has been well for about two weeks so hopefully very soon all her levels (keppra and vit/min) will be back to norm.

We see her neuro in a few weeks to discuss.