integrative neuro appt

So in addition to seeing our regular ped. neuro at NYU we are now also seeing an integrative neuro. She met w/ us for 2 hours last month and we talked about a lot of underlying things that MIGHT be causing the seizures. She believes that the seizures are a symptom of something else going wrong in the body.

First step was lots and lots of blood work. They took about 8 vials when we went for the blood draw. They tested things like thyroid, kidney function, electrolytes, some allergy testing, vitamin/min levels. Most came back fine but she was deficient in a few vitamins (folate, Vit. E, selenium). She was also on low end of magnesium and her Vit. D levels (which were low back in the winter before all this started) were a bit low again even though she has been on a supplement (we had lowered her dose, as per ped., in summer months).

So now we are getting samples ( of some new vitamins that are more easily absorbed and we will start her on a better multi. She is taking so many supp’s now….Multi, calcium, Vit D, Omega’s, probiotic, B-Complex, B-6. It is hard for me to remember to give her everything.

The next step is to do more allergy/food sensitivity testing through a specialized lab ( The dr. also highly suggested trying a gluten free diet for a couple months. This just about sent me over the edge. Not because it is that big of a deal to try. I know I can successfully do it however w/ everything that has been going on w/ Joey Cooper ( I cannot handle anything else right now. So maybe in a couple weeks.

Her celiac test was negative, but that test is not very reliable. We are having JC tested for celiac as well, but he has tested neg. in the past so I don’t imagine anything has changed in the few months since his last blood work.

We see her ped neuro in a few weeks. She is doing REALLY GREAT! Fine w/ Keppra, no side effects at all. No seizures. An occasional ‘sparkly’ arm…but that is not worrying me since it is so sporadic. She is sleeping much better. Happy, healthy, smart, growing, outgoing, easy going little girl- that’s our Ella.