Week 3 on Keppra

We decided not to up Ella’s dose last week (she should have gone up to 3 ml’s).  After the tantrum episode I was a nervous wreck that going up would produce another bad weekend.  We called and checked in w/ our dr. on Monday to ask if we could stay at 2 ml’s and see how she does.  He agreed that 2 ml’s would be fine.  So that is where we are and things have been really good.  Her behavior is back to ‘normal’ and no sparkly arm in a while.  She is still waking up 1-2x per night just crying out for us and we are trying to figure out if it is habit, side effect of med (waking up feeling sad so crying out) or something else.  We did have one night last week where she didn’t wake up, so that is good AND she has been sleeping (or at least staying in her bed) till 7am so that is good also.  We are used to having a FABULOUS sleeper…since she turned one she goes to bed around 7:30pm and sleeps till 7am and we usually never here a peep (until the sparkly arms started in March 2010).

Hoping to find a new ‘normal’ here in our house!

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