Week two: Keppra- 2 ml

Week one (1ml at night) went fantastic. Luckily Ella loves taking any ‘medication’ (mostly vitamins) so it is easy getting her to take the Keppra. Week one was uneventful…no seizures, one episode of sparkly arm at nap (when she no longer has meds in her system) and NO side effects!!!

We started upping the dose on Fri July 9th. She did fine the first night/day but the second day was not fun. She was very ‘tantrummy’ (making up my own word) today. Not her usual self…the screams when we had to come inside after playing outside were the loudest I have EVER heard come out of her little body. Nothing calmed her down; and she is usually very easily distracted/calmed down when things are not good. It was really really really hard to give her her evening dose tonight. We just don’t want to medicate our little girl. I HATE THIS.

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