Meds started

We have talked it out.  Researched.  Talked to our pediatrician.  Thought, prayed and finally decided to start the Keppra. We SLOWLY wean her onto the meds.  Starting w/ 1 ml (100 mg) at night for a week.  Then over the next two weeks increasing to her prescribed dose of 3 ml (300 mg) per night.

We will also go see an integrative neurologist to talk about some more holistic things we can do to help Ella’s body/brain w/ the stress of the spikes (she could/is probably still spiking at naptime-since no meds on board during the day).  Also going to see a chiropractic neurologist and homeopath.  ANOTHER summer of doctor appt’s  😦

Joe and I are so holistically focused and medicating our daughter every single day for probably a minimum of two years is really really hard for us to accept.  We strongly considered trying the more holistic route first…but she is spiking so much at night and we are very nervous about cognitive delays being caused by those spikes.  Probably nothing to worry about in terms of her learning, memory BUT another gray area in the land of BRE…they really don’t know.

So far, so good.  The side effects of this med are scary and we hope she has NO side effects or if she does she will sleep right through them.  So far we have noticed no changes at all…except for better night sleep.  Since the seizures Ella has been waking almost every day sometime around 5-6:30am.  No big deal as we can go in and either deal w. her ‘sparkly’ arm (tingling that may or may not be a mini seizure or just BRE symptom, another gray), or we deal w/ whatever her complaint is and she goes back to sleep till her nightlight goes off at 7am.  The past three nights she has slept till 7am even w/ Joe sleeping on the air mattress on the floor next to her!!!!!!!!!!

So the next big hurdle will be next weekend when we increase her med’s.  Oh and MRI we were supposed to get.  Our doc’s said since they are 95% sure this is BRE we do not need to have the MRI.  They really did not want to expose her to anesthesia unless absolutely necessary.  yah.

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