Abnormal EEG + second seizure= admitted

We go for Ella’s EEG at end of May.  It is quick, only about 30 minutes.  Her results are abnormal.  No seizure activity, but some abnormal spikes.  The neuro wants to admit her in the next week or so to do an overnight VEEG.  So we get that tentatively scheduled (they don’t tell you if you are getting a room till the day you are scheduled to come-depends on how crowded the EEG unit is).

Coincidentally on the day she is scheduled to be admitted we wake up to another weird cry coming from Ella’s room (6:15am).  She is having another seizure.  I grab the Diastat on the way into her room and we start timing the seizure.  It lasts less than a minute and she comes out of it much better than last time.  We don’t have to adminster Diastat.  We call and chat w/ neuro who wants to confer w/ the his partner who we have been seeing.  We finally get a call back mid morning and the EEG unit is very crowded so we need to be admitted through the ER so we have to bring her in and go through another ER visit…ugh.

We head to ER and are admitted to unit late afternoon.  Ella does GREAT loving all the doctor equipment and is playing dr. non stop.  She gets hooked up for monitoring, eats dinner and goes right to sleep without any fuss at all (she is so good).  Joe and I hang out in the hallway right outside her door!

The next morning we talk w/ our neuro and an epileptologist (neurologist who specializes in epilepsy).  Her overnight EEG was full of abnormal spikes…about 80% of her night was abnormal.  They are pretty certain she has Benign Rolandic Epilepsy.  She has a very good chance of growing out of it by puberty.  It comes w/ infrequent nighttime seizures.  Usually not a condition that warrants med’s; however her frequents spikes are cause for concern.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of concrete answers about this condition.  Are the abnormal spikes causing damage?  Maybe, maybe not.  Are the seizure causing damage…usually not unless they are longer than 20 minutes.

The docs want to put her on a medication called Keppra.  We are hesitant, want to do our own research and want a second opinion.  We then wait to have an MRI done- which never happens because we keep getting pushed back, it is late and we just want to go home.

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